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NUS Downloader v.1.9

Dateigröße Dateigröße: 159.74 KB Downloads Downloads: 106600 Sprache Sprache: Englisch
Autor Autor: WB3000 Webseite Webseite: Homepage Datum Geändert am: 18.07.2013


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Der NUS Downloader (Nintendo Update Server Downloader) von WB3000 ermöglicht es ganz einfach über den PC für die Wii und den DSi direkt und legal viele System- und IOS-Dateien von Nintendos Update Server runterladen und als Wad-Dateien zu packen. Diese Version kommt mit einer database.xml Datei daher, in der die komplette Datenbank des NUS Downloaders enthalten ist, sowie mit einer dsidatabase.xml, die die DSi-Datenbank abdeckt. Der NUS Downloader benötigt Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 um korrekt zu funktionieren.

!ACHTUNG!: Der NUS Downloader erstellt wad Dateien. Sollte es wärend des Erstellungsprozesses zu irgendwelchen Fehlern kommen, darf die Datei nicht installiert werden. Da ansonsten ein Brick die Folge ist.

Achtung: Der NUS Downloader sollte in einen separaten Ordner gestartet werden und nicht direkt auf dem Desktop oder in einem anderen Hauptverzeichnis. Der Downloader löscht nämlich alle Daten die im gleichen Ordner sind.


System Menu 3.2      0000000100000002      v288      v289      v290
System Menu 4.0     0000000100000002     v416     v417     v418

IOS16     0000000100000010     XXXX     XXXX     XXXX
IOS30     000000010000001E     XXXX     XXXX     XXXX
IOS60     000000010000003C     XXXX     XXXX     XXXX



v1.9 - January 19th, 2011

This build is intended to provide updated DSi features to users before the release of v2.0.

The DSi Common Key is NOT embedded into this release. Once it inevitably spreads and becomes common place, I could embed the key. Many sites do not want any trace of it, so this build respects this request.

* Multiple GUI changes
* DSi Decryption support fix
* DSi Database support (dsidatabase.xml)
* Supported by libWiiSharp framework
* Improved local scripts support
* New directory structure (titlestitleidversion*)
* Script loading from database.xml
* IOS Patching
* Reads key.bin, kkey.bin, and dsikey.bin
* WAD file SaveAs support
* Whatever else happened in the months between...

CLI Mode did not officially make it to this build. Sorry!

v1.5a Beta - Juni 31, 2010

* Fixed cross-threading ness (more thread safety - oops :P)
-- This fixed the VC menu issues.
* Moved update database option to Extras menu, added ability to download database if none exists
* Added ability to download common key (via HackMii blog) if does not exist
* Added ability to accept hex STRING versions of the common key
* Made the database reading multi-threaded, so as not to delay GUI loading.

v1.4 Beta - April 16, 2010

* Some bugfixes (Linux-oriented) - lukegb (probably the only changes I'll be committing)
* Fixes/GUI changes - WB3000
* Note: this version is highly untested, and pushed it out mostly because wanted the Linux-related path fixes to go out.

v1.3 Beta - Oktober 06, 2009

* Updates to the database via the user interface
* Simulates the latest Wii for each region
* Code optimized
* The file can be saved to a location specified by the user
* You can choose to delete the content afterwards
* Support for scripts NUS (uses Wiimpersonator, etc..)
* Configure proxy authentication (tested by Napo7)
* Certificates collected on the fly (no more cert.sys)
* Support for the Windows taskbar 7
* Updates to the naming scheme of WAD (suggested by Attila)

v1.2 - August 01, 2009

* Access a local database (database.xml) of title IDs, along with versions/regions/etc.
* With database selection, IOS WADs are given Nintendo naming convention (ex: IOS60-64-vXXX.wad)
* Mismatches are identified as Safe or BAD.
* Command line arguments can be passed to the GUI.
* Korean key (kkey.bin) support. Useless as far as I know, nothing on NUS uses the key...
* Downloading failures are now described in more detail (401 vs 404, etc.)
* Status Box has a clear button; it is auto-cleared when starting a new download.
* UserAgent changed (again) to the Wii updating one.
* A title's required IOS is shown in the download log.
* Trucha signing titles (Still in Beta/Alpha stages! By default it is disabled, to display the feature, click the progress bar on the main form)
* Trucha signing features the following:
- TMD editor (Change IOS needed, title version, title ID)
- Ticket editor (Change DLC Amount, Common Key needed, Time limit)
- Contents editor (Add/Remove Contents, Set shared status, Set boot content, Add trucha bug to content [only decrypted contents have support so far!!])

v1.1a - May 17, 2009

* Prevented users from entering nothing...
* A few little tweaks (About text, etc.)

v1.1 - May 16, 2009

* Directories are created with the version number when known (ex: 0000000100000002v289)
* Certificates (cert.sys) no longer hard coded. You will be asked to generated the file on first boot of v1.1. This is done right from NUS.
* Ability to alter the name of the packed WAD from the GUI.
* Loading a TMD for info displays more information, such as what IOS a title requires.
* Textbox output is a bit cleaner.
* You can now choose to continue the download if a ticket (cetk) 404s. This will allow you to download the content of the titles, however you will not be able to pack them.
* Decryption of contents now included. Needs common key (key.bin) to work! (Pro Note: DSi decryption will work with a (dskey.bin), however that doesn't exist now)

v1 - April 5, 2009

* Initial release
* Supports downloading and packing to WAD
* Wii/DSi support

Lizenz: GNU/GPL


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