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SZS Modifier v.

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Autor Autor: Chadderz Webseite Webseite: Homepage Datum Geändert am: 06.03.2010


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SZS Modifier ist ein Modell- und Textur-Editor für Mario Kart Wii. Dazu werden *.szs-Dateien aus dem Spiel modifiziert und wieder in das Spiel integriert, sodass man mit veränderten Texturen und Modellen spielen kann. Außerdem kann es noch *.arc, *.carc- und noch ein paar andere Container verarbeiten. Das Programm ist nicht nur mit Mario Kart Wii kompatbel, sondern mit alle anderen Games, die die gleichen *.szs-Dateien verwenden.


To open one, use the open option. If possible, it will then display a list of all the textures, models and all other data within the file on the left side of the screen. Upon selecting a texture, it will be shown on the right. Upon selecting a model, the model editor will open and the model will be displayed. Upon selecting a kmp file, the kmp editor will be displayed. Upon most other data being selected, the hexadecimal values of the data will be shown. There is a button in the top menu which says USB Gecko. Clicking on this and clicking Connect will attempt to hook the USB Gecko device. Note this command is unavailable when the USB Gecko is not connected.

When a USB Gecko device is connected, a status light will appear in the bottom right of the main window. At the same time, the menu option to connect to the USB Gecko device will become available. When it is clicked, the SZS Modifier will: Hook the console, check for RMCP01, RMCJ01 or RMCE01, check for a loaded course. If a course is found in the RAM and all the other conditions are met, the SZS Modifier will prompt you for if you want to load this course. Note this will cause the Wii to lag for a small period, and will cause the currently open SZS file to close if there is one. Provided you stay on the same course, any changes you make in the SZS Modifier will be transmitted to the RAM. There is no guaranty that this will have the desired effect, but at least with texture hacking, it seems to function well. You can also import patches under this condition and they will function. If you leave the course or restart it, the effect may be unpredictable or unintended. Once the file has loaded from the RAM, it can then be saved in the normal way.

Note, the USB Gecko Connection is not always perfect and there can be data corruption in transit. It is unwise to use the SZS Files from the RAM as a reference of any kind, as they are often not true reflections of the data.

Texture Editor
The texture editor allows you to zoom in and out and scroll around an image, and also to import and export the image to bmp images.

The following formats are supported at present
• I4
• I8
• IA4
• IA8
• RGB565
• RGB5A3

BMG Editor
The bmg editor allows for the editation of game text. The game text is stored along with IDs for each bit of text. To change the text, simply select the text you wish to change, edit it in the box on the right and then press set text. You can use the file>save to save the result.

Model Data Viewer
The model data requires you to have the directx redistributable for managed code installed. If this is the case, when you select one of the model files, the window pops up and shows you what it finds. Load times are a little slow. The model can then be edited by using the pinch tool to click and drag points around, or by using the model creator. The model creator (in tools) tries to create a model based on a greyscale height map image. Also in tools is the blank kcl button which can be used to create a large flat plane of solidity, and the apply matrix button which can be used to transform the entire model.

KCL Editor
The kcl editor gives basic functionality to changing terrain flags. Simply right click on the various sections to change their data. Some data will be displayed with names in place of the values with the values in brackets. This is for known data types to allow for easier use. Some data will be displayed with a name in brackets. This is a guess made by the program and could be wrong.

KMP Editor
The kmp editor is an addition which allows you to edit the checkpoints, CPU routes and object data for the course. The sections of the kmp file are listed on the right, and upon selection their data is displayed on the minimap and in the table at the bottom. The table and the minimap can be used to edit the data, and it can be saved back to the szs file using file>save.

In the edit menu there is also the reverse and the flip tools. The reverse tool reverses the selected data from the table vertically. The flip data flips the selected data horizontally. This can be used in all values, however not all values are compatible and so the flip tool may not work as expected.

The bmg editor will also be displayed directly if a bmg file is opened using file>open on the main screen. This means the bmg files can be edited in their raw forms.


* Fasten the ability to open models up. Added a create kcl witch allows you to write a kcl to a model. Added the ability to re-texture models if not liked.
* Gained the ability to write to .kcl files, and has vista 64bit support
* The SZS Modifier can now connect to a USB Gecko device in order to allow for live course modification. Additionally, the older installer has been replaced with a more automated one to try and make the process easier. Also, several bugs removed.
* The bmg editor has been added, the kmp editor has been given the flip and reverse tools, and the kcl editor uses names for certain flags.
* The kmp editor has been added which allows for the alteration of checkpoints and objects, as well as several bug fixes.
* The new model editor has been created which allows for the user to draw a course as a monochrome or greyscale image, which can then be interpreted automatically into a course or model.
* Ability to alter terrain types with the apply matrix button on number 3s in a kcl added, server status light added, fixed problem with sfp patches to allow model data to be edited too.
* Model codec runs much quicker now in both loading and rendering.
* Model codec drastically improved to almost true quality.
* Gains the ability to apply matrixes to the vertices in model data
* 3D models now display when one of the files in ‘10’ of the model data is selected.
* Minor bug fixes
* The data for all unknown types is now displayed as hexadecimal data, and you can export and import this raw data for all types.
* A few glitches have been correct and the third level of the tree node now loads accurately
* Support for the ARGB8 format now added, and the IA4 codec was improved
* The contents lists are now fully generated, and patches can now be delete from the server by their original owners.
* The glitch caused by version’s release has been solved, without reduction of present features.
* The rendering of [almost] every texture is now 100% perfect and accurate, as are the import and export features.
* The software has had a minor bug fix or two.
* The software can now connect to an online database, and share .sfp files with other users, as well as downloading the latest ones.
* The software can now create .sfp files which allow users to transfer modifications to files, without breaching copyright laws, and saving space.
* The software lost the ability to save due to version's patch, but save functionality has been restored
* The application now loads up the names of the various elements and has icons to more easily identify them.
* The application now supports export and imports of textures and the colours are more accurate
* The application now displays images in 16 bit which, for the most part, appears to be the same as Nintendo uses.
* Semi paste now exists which allows you to super impose to textures over each other
* The application now has the options menu to allow you to customise the texture views, and to setup file associations for ease of use.
* The texture editor gains improvements in the way of scrollable zoom and undo and redo
* A few minor save glitches in the software have been corrected
* The software lost the ability to save due to version's patch, but save functionality has been restored
* The software now lists all tags in the file, and the root tags to allow easier use.
* Automatic error reporting to me instead of Microsoft added.
* Original version



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