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Wii Backup Fusion v.1.1

Dateigröße Dateigröße: 9-16MB Downloads Downloads: 38242 Sprache Sprache: mehrsprachig
Autor Autor: dynup Webseite Webseite: Homepage Datum Geändert am: 17.07.2011


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Mittlerweile gibt es viele Backup-Programme, aber keines hat den großen Funktionsumfang von Wiimms Kommadozeilentools. Wii Backup Fusion ist ein neuer, grafischer ISO- und WBFS-Manager von dynup, der auf Wiimms ISO- und WBFS-Tools basiert und alle Backup-Funktionalitäten vereinen soll. Erhältlich für Linux, Windows und Mac OSX.

Wii Backup Fusion befindet sich noch in Entwicklung. Die Beta-Versionen können noch Fehler enthalten, jedoch funktionierte es bisher laut Testberichten von Usern sehr gut. Wir würden uns dennoch freuen, wenn ihr das Programm testen würdet und eure Ergebnisse im Beta-Test-Thread dem Entwickler mitteilen würdet.

Der Downloadlink führt zur offiziellen Projektseite, wo es dann die Downloads für die verschiedenen Plattformen incl. Sourcecode gibt.

- List games from images, WBFS partitions and DVD with all game infos
- Transfer game images to WBFS partition or file
- Transfer game from DVD to WBFS or image
- Patch game images (directly or while transfer)
- Extract game contents from WBFS or images
- Convert between game image formats
- Diff images after transfer
- Split game images while transfer or convert
- Compare Files and WBFS game lists
- Additional info tab for a compact overview and game cover (#)
- Load 3D and HQ game covers in different languages (#)
- Titles and covers (#) in different languages
- Cover viewer for full HQ game covers (#) with save possibility
- Update title databases in all available languages (#)
- Check and repair WBFS files and partitions
- Create and format WBFS partitions and files
- Supports scrubbing (data, update and channel partitions)
- Supports GameCube images (experimental!)
- Supported formats: ISO, CISO, WIA, WDF, WBFS files, WBFS partitions
- Supports aqua or brushed metal style on Mac OS X
- Supports the following languages: english german dutch italian spanish french norwegian

# directly or over proxy from wiitdb.com or wiiboxart.com (internet connection required)

Latest planned features:
- Edit games
- Patch games

System requirements:
- Linux
- Windows XP, Vista, 7
- Mac OS X 10.4 'Tiger', 10.5 'Leopard', 10.6 'Snow Leopard'

Successfully tested on:
- Linux: Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat
- Windows: XP, Vista, 7
- Mac OS X: 10.5 Leopard (ppc/intel)

Please let me know, if you tested Wii Backup Fusion on other operation systems (versions)! Language support:
You want Wii Backup Fusion in your language? Download the english.ts language file and translate it with Qt Linguist (part of the Qt development tools), send me the translated .ts file back and I will integrate the new language in the next version of Wii Backup Fusion! Thank you very much for your support!

You must reset the settings! Delete WiiBaFu's config file or registry entries on windows:
Linux: ~/.config/WiiBaFu/wiibafu.conf
Windows: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareWiiBaFuwiibafu
Mac OS X: ~/Library/Preferences/com.wiibafu.wiibafu.plist


Linux Developer Version (Ubuntu 10.10 / GNOME)

Windows Developer Version (Windows 7)

Mac OS X Developer Version (Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard' / Aqua)




Version 1.1 (wit v2.00b r2855)
  * Switch to GNU GPLv3
  * New language system
  * Wia compression defaults fixed
  * Load 3D cover icon fixed
  * Italian translation added
  * Spanish translation adapted


 Version 1.1 Beta (wit v1.28a r2336)
  * Some fixes and improvements
  * Game ID in info tab
  * Resets progress bar and infos after work
  * Icons for better identify of functionalities
  * New language system
  * Dutch translation
  * Spanish translation
  * WBFS extract supports more than one game
  * Patch game images (directly or while transfer)
  * Progress infos in main window title on mac
  * Progress infos while transfer adapted to new wit
  * Progress infos while loading games adapted to new wit
  * Set path for titles via settings
  * Autosearch path to wit and titles improved


 Version 1.0 (wit v1.24a r2114)
  * Norwegian translation
  * French translation
  * German translation
  * WBFS dump for analysis
  * Scalable full HQ cover
  * Support for log file
  * Load game images improved
  * Support for image splitting
  * Diff for images after transfer
  * Support for scrubbing modes
  * Search functionality for log
  * Recurse depth for Files/Load
  * Show progress while downloading game cover
  * Supports more databases for cover download
  * Game cover loading routines improved


 Version 0.9 (wit v1.23b-r2096)
  * Aqua or brushed metal style for Mac OS X
  * Shows selection count beside ID
  * Game list selection mode via settings
  * Compare Files <-> WBFS game lists
  * Verify game images/DVD/WBFS
  * WIT command line for log (via settings)
  * Cancel possibility for loading games process
  * Progress infos while loading games
  * Localization for dates
  * UTF-8 support
  * Shortcuts added
  * View game infos in browser
  * Transfer infos for log
  * All transfer routines rewritten
  * Extract image from image/WBFS
  * Support for Wii ISO Archive (wia) format
  * Proxy support for cover and title download
    (Caution: Password will be saved plain in config!)
  * Double click on game shows infos


 Version 0.8.5
  * WBFS repair default options fixed


 Version 0.8.4
  * Settings ui widget names fixed


 Version 0.8.3
  * Transfer to image fixed
  * WBFS repair options fixed
  * Some little bug fixes


 Version 0.8.2
  * Update titles fixed

 Version 0.8.1
  * Update titles for Mac OS X fixed


 Version 0.8
  * Tool tips for name/title fixed
  * Update titles after language change
  * Tool tips for name/title
  * Busy mode set to 3000 ms
  * Transfer DVD to a specific image file
  * Cover region bug fixed
  * Download titles from wiitdb.com
  * Save Settings geometry
  * Transfer DVD to image
  * Titles and Cover language global in settings
  * Convert Files (images) to another format
  * Format WBFS partition
  * Create WBFS file
  * WIT path configurable in settings
  * Save last path in Files/Load
  * Sort game lists
  * Save column width
  * Sequenz of columns changeable
  * Set indicated columns in settings
  * Busy status added


 Version 0.7
  * Platform specific fixes.
  * Game cover viewer added.
  * Transfer improved.
  * Autosearch for WIT added.
  * Some little fixes.
  * Autosearch for wit/wwt added.
  * Better error handling.


 Version 0.6.1
  * Some little improvements and bug fixes.


 Version 0.6
  * Settings are used now.
  * Some little improvements.
  * Remove cover, if requesting a new one.
  * Fill game list models in a new thread.


 Version 0.5.1
  * Some memory optimizations.
  * Sort functions.
  * Workaround for wwts calculate bug.


 Version 0.5
  * Transfer WBFS to image extended.
  * List game infos (incl. disc cover) from DVD.
  * Transfer game from DVD to WBFS.


 Version 0.4.1
  * Some improvements.
  * More improvements for canceling.


 Version 0.4
  * Transfer WBFS to image added.
  * Cancel possibility for wbfs transfer added.


 Version 0.3
  * Transfer to wbfs added.
  * Progress bar in WBFS tab for additional and compact infos.
  * Load game covers in different languages.
  * HQ game cover functionality added.
  * Total infos for game images and wbfs.


 Version 0.2
  * List games in seperate threads.
  * List games from WBFS partitions and view infos.
  * StatusBar functionality added.
  * Game info functionality added.
  * Log functionality added.
  * Add all game images from a directory and view infos about the game(s).


 Version 0.1
  * Starting project with the great Qt library.


 Version 0.0
  * Idea and planing a gui for wimms iso tools.


Lizenz: GNU/GPL


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