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Cover Floader v.r1047

Dateigröße Dateigröße: 1.3 MB Downloads Downloads: 10019 Sprache Sprache: mehrsprachig
Autor Autor: Fishears et al Webseite Webseite: Homepage Datum Geändert am: 09.03.2010


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Der Wii Cover Floader oder auch Wii Flow genannt, ist eine Modifikation von Waninkokos USB-Loader. Ein USB-Loader ist eine Softmod, die es ermöglicht legale Spielkopien von einer WBFS-Formatieren USB-Festplatte abzuspielen. Der Name ist Programm. So lassen sich im Menu die Spiele "fließend" mit Hilfe der besonderen grafischen Oberfläche auswählen.

Im Download sind zwei Versionen enthalten, einmal die stabilere Bugfix-Version 1.2 und einmal die unstabilere Version 1.2a, die mit neuen Features versehen wurde.


r1049 - 1041
* !@*?ing old libfat sneeked back in somehow
* speed up file access. libfat tweaking
* Support for cIOSX rev 18 and 19. Migrated to latest stable libfat
* Improved caching algorithm a bit
* Still not quite stable.  Tidier though
* Tidy up to make hq cleaner.  Fix missing cover bug
* Alpha HQ Cover Support. Uncomment HQTEST to try it. When testing you will get a
new setting called "chq" in wiicoverflow.xml - set this back to "0" and re-
comment HQTEST when you're done to return to normal. At the moment 2d mode
displays 2d versions of the 3d covers... and it's far from perfect anyway -
hence the "alpha" but this way you get to look at the code and offer some help
(please do)
* Beta Favourites List support. Uncomment "#define FAVTEST" to test. Usage: Click
"Star" on game load dialog to select/deselect a game as a favourite. Press MINUS
in the main screen to toggle display. It doesn't launch in Favourites mode at
startup - not figured out why yet... Also, needs a pause while buffer refreshes
after switching modes. Feedback welcome!

v1.2 (Stable)
* SDHC support fixed
* Improved cover loading speed
* Cheat downloads redirected to geckocodes.org

v1.2a (2.0 SVN Path)
* OSK (OnScreen-Keyboard) (qwerty)
* used with dynamic paths
* used with cheat manager
* Method for alt.DOL from Image with autoselection implemented
* Method for alt.DOL from SD: / USB: implemented
* CoverFloader News Service (CFNS) (requires internet connection)
* CoverFloader NewsReader
* 2nd page for System Information (paths)
* dynamic paths for all CoverFloader files and directories on SD: and USB: (editable with OSK)
* additional support for USB-Devices
* support for the new game hooks (found in GeckoOS 1.9.2)
* cheat codes with variables are now editable
* SDHC support fixed
* Improved cover loading speed
* Improved cheat compatibility (codes per cheat raised to 100)
* Cheat downloads redirected to geckocodes.org


Lizenz: GNU/GPL


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